Portugal Birds & Trails

Founded in 2015 the company is owned by Nuno Guégués, with more than 20 years of birding experience in Alentejo. Showing the natural heritage of Alentejo and contributing to it's preservation and social and turistic development of the region was a long dued dream.Once that the region ocupies almost one third of the Contry area, showing all of it's diversity every day is a particulary dificult goal therefore we've developed self-guided tours, that allows you to discover a part of it any day of the year andwith aditional information on what to visit and the species that are probable to see. Experience our Road-books.it's also a goal of the company to contribute for social development and nature preservation therefore 10% of the road-books value reverts to Portuguese Cancer League (Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro - LPCC) 5% and to LIFE projects lead by LPN the oldest conservation association in the contry.Know more about our partners and their projects in our partnerships links.